NYU Tandon Bridge Program

About the program

The NYU Tandon Bridge program is an affordable, flexible way to gain the tools and skills you need to be admitted into a range of graduate-level programs and launch a successful career to bolster your experience and become Master's-ready. 

The 100% online NYU Tandon Bridge course is uniquely designed for those without a sufficient background in science or engineering who wish to gain the skills required to pursue select Master’s programs the George Washington University School of Engineering & Applied Science. The certificate earned in the Bridge course can be used as part of an applicant's Master’s degree application.

The Bridge is a single, non-credit course equivalent to 400 hours of learning and more than 3 courses encompassing topics in Computer Programming in C++, Object Oriented Design, Discrete Math, Data Structures and Algorithms, Principles of Operating Systems, and Introduction to Computer Networks.


Students who participate in the NYU Tandon Bridge Program are eligible to apply to the following MS programs at GW SEAS: 

  • Computer Science
  • Cybersecurity in Computer Science
  • Data Analytics 
  • Computer Engineering

NYU Tandon Bridge Program students who apply to GW SEAS are not required to submit GRE scores and will receive an application fee waiver.

Deadlines to Apply

  • Spring semester start: December 1
  • Fall semester start: July 1

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Admissions Information

Applicants who have already completed the NYU Tandon Bridge program prior to submitting their application to GW SEAS should include a copy of their certificate of completion or distinction from the bridge program in their online application. Applicants who are participating in the NYU Tandon Bridge program as they submit their application to GWS SEAS will be required to submit their certificate of completion or distinction to [email protected] upon completion of the bridge program in order to gain access to course registration.