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"I think it is very important to see the place you work and study in as your home, especially if you are an international student. Although it is always difficult to adapt to a new place and a new environment, from day one, I always felt the inclusion and the community spirit within GW. I particularly remember the first class I took, it was Energy Systems Analysis class from Professor Charles Garris. After taking that class, I felt that I am in the right University for pursuing my goals. Now, at the end of two years that I have been at the GWU, I can't reach the third floor (the Mechanical Engineering Department floor), without saying hi to everyone!"

MS in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering


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"SEAS career advisors and ambassadors provided me a lot of assistance on how to write a clear and organized resume and cover letter, how to do networking to get referral opportunities, how to find appropriate job information more efficiently, how to prepare and answer behavioral questions, and so on. I joined many information sessions, workshops and career fairs organized by SEAS career service team. I also made full use of opportunities to ask questions by making appointments or during walk-in office hours. The SEAS career services team helped me to get my Amazon offer in 2016!"

Changle -Engineer 2 at Amazon
MS in Computer Science

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DC is your backdrop.


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"DC is at the epicenter of a network of scientific research, science policy, and industry. With the Janelia Farms research campus, the NIH, FDA, and Capitol Hill nearby, many resources are available in DC for a thriving scientific community. We are able to travel to the NIH for symposiums or complete portions of our research in conjunction with the FDA. We can connect with science policy makers on Capitol Hill or intern at different start-ups throughout the DMV region. We can shadow doctors at GW Hospital and Children's National Hospital to learn about the clinical impact of our basic science research."

PhD in Biomedical Engineering


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"DC is the metro we all dreamed of. Smart, influential and connected, we are in the epicenter of the US. Decision making, volunteering and thinking out of the box is a part of our daily life and comes naturally as you gain experience and connect."

MS in Computer Science

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Leadership and impact are your future.


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"SEAS is home because it is where my voice is heard, represented, and part of a community of energetic people from diverse backgrounds. DC has been the perfect environment as it emphasizes the importance of engineering in society, and validates my dreams. At SEAS, my learning is not restricted to the four walls of a classroom. It goes far beyond it! What’s more exciting are the opportunities that allow knowledge to be shared across disciplines, while broadening my worldview."

PhD in Civil & Environmental Engineering


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"My work is interdisciplinary, and GW has enabled me to connect with researchers in all my areas of interest. The Knight Foundation is a leading force that has connected researchers from many fields and enabled the kind of cross-pollination that is essential to research excellence. Having professors from a diverse set of fields has led to such interesting lectures and projects, and I can tell this has broadened my idea of what engineering is and can do."

PhD in Systems Engineering

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ankit's family

"Ankit's journey at GWU has been fantastic in shaping him to face the world and his future with confidence. Our joy knew no bounds when we witnessed him donning the robes of GWU during the graduation ceremony in May 2019. If you desire to develop the qualities to face the world and competition, then the faculty and staff at the George Washington University would definitely leave no stone unturned to help you shape your future." -Ankit's parents"

Ankit - Data Engineer at Collins Aerospace
MS in Computer Science '19